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DFG a solid and sustainable project
Since 1970
David Fernández Grande, Founder

David Fernández Grande is a significant figure in the granite industry and the business world in general, a man who was able to create a sound and sustainable project over time by combining risk, timeliness and know-how.

His entrepreneurial character, capacity for work, innovative spirit, seriousness and honesty are the legacy he has transmitted to all the group companies.

He started in the business world in the wood industry, following the example of his father. However, in 1970 he decided to give up that business to take up the challenge of transport in order to supply granite blocks and obtain mining rights for a quarry.

This change in his career was definitely a wise decision; one of the many he made during his productive career.

Over time, thanks to his great dedication, David Fernández Grande exported Galician granite to Italy, Japan and Taiwan and, once the original company grew, he managed to develop and expand other companies as well as open new quarries out of Galicia and Spain.

David Fernández Grande was responsible for a real revolution in the Galician granite industry in much of the world and his business style lives on the spirit of the business group he established.

David Fernandez Grande started with the transport of granite granito y obtiene derechos mineros for his first quarry
Recovery plans, waste transformation and low energy consumption.

For DFG it is a commitment that goes beyond the legal obligation and responds to a decided ethical approach in its business policy.

Natural stone
The natural origin makes each piece a unique element that makes each work exclusive.

Natural stone brings together beauty, history, culture and, in the minds of people from all cultures of the world, is associated with luxury, quality and permanence.

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